Jinmingde Fully Computerized Flat Knitting Machine (3G)

安徽时时彩开奖:Jinmingde Fully Computerized Flat Knitting Machine (3G)

NameFlat knitting machine, Sweater knitting machine, Computerized flat knitting machine, Knitting machine, whole sweater knitting machine
Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Terms of payment and delivery:Consultation
Minimum order quantity:ISO9001
Delivery time:45 days
Payment method:Consultation

Product Details

安徽时时彩平台注册码是什么 Gauge:

3G, 3.5G, 5G, 7/5G, 6/5G, 6/7G, 7G, 8G, 9G, 10G, 12G, 14G

Knitting Width:

?36,44,48,52,56,60 Inch

Knitting system:

Single System,Double System,Triple System

Control System:

HengQiang System, Raynen System

Knitting speed:

?24 levels, maximum speed is 1.2 M / Sec., program command control

Knitting system:

knit transfer, turk, pointel, non-dashed intarsia, jacquard, chiaroscuro narroming and other regular knitting.

Driving method:

Servo electrical machinery controlled by computer ensures to run stably with high torque whatever the speed is high or low.

Stitch Density System:

Controlled by stepping motor, 24-level of 0~650 density is adjustable


Apply inlayed, can changed if it is damaged.


2 inches racking range, controlled by servo motor, available for inching

Cloth wind-up motion:

Latest automatic wind-up motion, 64-level electronic control,available for inching.

Needle selection:

8-level selector

Triangle System:

Triangle compound design, individual or simultaneous "knit-transfer" both for single or double system as well as one system "knit-transfer" while the other system keeps knitting to ensure high efficiency.

Color-changing System:

2 x 8 groups yarn carriers are on the left & right sides of 4 guide rails, can shift yarn carrier at any position of neilsbed.

Protection system:

The machine automatically alarms with sound-light by stopping the machine if there is situation of yarn-breaking, knotting, cloth-falling,needle-broken, needle colliding, backwards rewinding, end of knitting,motor over loading, fail of racking.

Controlling system:

Adopt LCD industrial screen, input device is USB, graphics interface and keyboard operation.


Special sinker and conlrol installation, benefit for complex knitting.

Memory function: ?

Adopt CMOS technology, there is memory during power off time.

Power supply: ?

AC220V, 50HZ

Volume and weight of the package:

Length x width x height:2500x900x1700MM ???Net weight:1200KG


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