Fengfan Automatic Computerized Shoe Knitting Machine

安徽时时彩快3开奖结果走势图:Fengfan Automatic Computerized Shoe Knitting Machine

NameSock shoe knitting machine
Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Terms of payment and delivery:Consultation
Minimum order quantity:ISO9001
Delivery time:45 days
Payment method:Consultation

Product Details

Main Technical Characteristics:

安徽时时彩平台注册码是什么 ? Model

? "6F" means " Six Needle Selector" "S" means "Shoe"

? Cylinder

? 3 1/2" ????3 3/4" ????4" ????4 1/2"

? Number of Needles

? 120-220N

? Rotating Speed

? 300-350 RPM for sock body
? 250-280 RPM for sock heel

? Air Consumption

? 0.05-0.07 m3/MIN-SET

? Air Pressure

? 0.6-0.7MPa

? Voltage

? 380V(3-phase)/220V(2-phase)

? Power

?Drive Motor

? 31kw

?Fan Motor

? 0.75kw


? 0.8kw

? Weight


? 260kg


? 300kg

? Volume(include normal yarn creel)

? 150*120*240cm

? Package Size


? 90*75*160cm
(39 sets for a 40 container,18 sets for a 20 container)



Technical Features

1.Designed to make shoes;

2.Using LCD and touch screen, you can choose 10 different language, like Chinese, English, Russian, Farsi, Korean, Japanese and so on.

3.Using automatic lubricating oil system and highly sensitive protector for yarn breaking and needle breaking.

4.With UPS,it can save programs when power off.

5.Can knit the heels and toes with different colors.

6.Can choose double elastic motor.

7.Can choose double main yarn feeder

8.Can make 3D socks


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